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Despite its growth, development in early times and its significant influence on local, national and Hungarian politics – due to its membership in the most important League of Towns in Upper-Hungary-, Košice ,during its history, was never literally considered to be a major city like Budapest or Vienna. Nevertheless, there are some attributes to be found in the town’s past that make Košice entitled to this rank. Besides temporary periods of political power and economic prosperity, Kosice, above all, gained nationwide reputation and significance as the ’Town of Education and Culture’: reformers, counter-reformers and enlighteners / humanists, the Jesuit University, later becoming a real place of excellency, the Royal Academy, which, with its Faculties of Law and Philosophy, produced and provided for rich and extensive knowledge and literature. While in the beginning Latin prevailed, soon German, Hungarian and – at first to a smaller extent – Slovakian were becoming dominant languages. This particularly applies to 19th century literary works and demotic writings. The selection of digitised books gives a chronological and thematic cross-section covering a period from the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th: works on theology, religious- and secular popular literature, literary works and poetry, law, civilization, local and regional history, architecture and everyday culture. The original documents for the digital collection were provided by the libraries below: -Jan Bocatius Library, Košice -Berlin State Library -Martin-Opitz Library, Heme